Thursday, January 28, 2010

TEETH: A short lesson for the anatomically illiterate internet


What our fancy-pants posters at have to say about this:

"That's not real, we shouldn`t be able to see the tops of his bottom teeth or the bottoms of his top teeth."

"First of all, it's a chick. Secondly, it`s fake as hell....the teeth are WAY too far down compared to where the lips are."

Hold the press, internets. I know it's hard to think while rubbing down your ego, but your stupidity is showing.

I was going to talk about something else, but this picture is too good of an opportunity to talk about the only part of our skeleton we see on a day to day basis. This picture is so awsome.

I'm not here to argue whether or not it's real (it totally is though), nor do I care what gender the person is (it's a chick), I just need to set the record straight with the teeth.

To address the first point.

There is such a thing as a relaxed jaw. This crazy thing happens when you open your mouth. Your teeth separate.

Couple that with the fact that lips are centered over the upper teeth. If you poke your fingers between your lips right now, it will hit your upper teeth. If you open your mouth, you'll notice that the lower lip covers the lower teeth with room to spare.

So let's get this straight.
The line between the lips would sit here-ish naturally.

But it's being pushed up by this plastic thingy.

And she let her jaw go slack a little, revealing more of the pointy parts of her teeth.

Then she got this crazy clear plastic thingermabob in it. The end. There's no reason to photoshop something that's totally plausible and easy to do (if you happen you have a massive hole in your lower lip.)


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